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Stage 4: 2012 Mustang GT Project Blackout by For Stage 4 of our 2012 Ford Mustang GT Project Car, Project Blackout, we really wanted to "crank it up" so to speak! We installed a Ford Racing Boss 302 Intake Manifold, Ford Racing Throttle Body and Hellion 67mm Single Turbo Kit on low boost! After spinning the rollers with a Bama Performance custom tune, we cranked out 601 horsepower to the tires! Being that we're AmericanMuscle, that just wasn't enough! We swapped out the 67mm turbo for the Precision 76mm turbo and cranked out 658 horsepower to the ground! With 19" AmericanMuscle AMR Wheels and tires, we headed back to the track to see what this thing would do in pure street-form! We did 2 shake-down runs and then threw down an 11.07 @ 125 MPH! Our local track rules kept us from dropping that 10-second pass that we hoped for, so we'll need to install a cage and come back to see what Blackout can REALLY do! Stay tuned...



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