Video - 2013 Ford Mustangs "Retrobuilt" at SEMA 2012

Videos Ford Mustang 2013 Ford Mustangs "Retrobuilt" at SEMA 2012

2013 Ford Mustangs "Retrobuilt" at SEMA 2012

Retrobuilt modifies 2005-2013 Ford Mustangs to have the look and feel of 1969 Ford Mustang and Shelby GT 500 Mustangs. A car for the auto enthusiast with the styling of the classic muscle car of yesteryear paired with the performance, reliability, drivability, and technology of today. Hundreds of hours have been spent to design, develop, and fabricate their stunning vehicles. The cars have authentic metal bumpers, door handles, rear window louvers, and original type mirrors and side marker lights. They even handcraft the stainless steel trim on the front end of every car. There are countless custom features that make the car's a true "Retro built" automobile.



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