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2008 Ford Mustang GT Police Interceptor

Personally owned undercover slicktop Mustang cop car working for the New Mexico Mounted Patrol. Roughly one month of planning and two months of working weekends turned this stock 2008 Mustang into a police interceptor. Siren is a Federal Signal 650 Series: Lights include: 2 Whelen 4" Round Lightheads behind grille 2 Whelan LINZ6 sunk mount into side mirrors 2 Whelan ION firing 45 degrees back from rear windows 4 Whelan Vertex Super-LED strobes in tail-lights 2 Nova SD24 LEDs on spoiler for trunk up warning: Sound Off Signal Pinnacle Interior Lightbar: SVP Phantom Interior Traffic Director: This vehicle also has a Diablo Sport Tuner, Parrot Bluetooth Interface, and Ford factory GPS. It has a police band radio and a HAM radio for monitoring Fire, EMS, and other signals. The Ham Radio is a Yeasu FT-7900R and the police radio is a Vertex Standard VX-6000 Series. Music is an instrumental version of "Invaders Must Die" by the Prodigy. This version was created by Aidami, and is available here: Thanks for watching!

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