Video - 1966 Ford Mustang Convertible 289 V-8 " SOLD " Drager's International Classic Sales 206-533-9600

Videos Ford Mustang 1966 Ford Mustang Convertible 289 V-8 " SOLD " Drager's International Classic Sales 206-533-9600

1966 Ford Mustang Convertible 289 V-8 " SOLD " Drager's International Classic Sales 206-533-9600

This is in an original California Mustang. The R in the VIN number represents San Jose, California. The DSO code 72 is also for San Jose. This Mustang still has all of California's smog equipment. The speedometer shows 7,311 miles and after looking the Mustang over thoroughly I believe it to be 107,311 miles. I'm selling it as unknown miles because I don't know for sure. The engine still has its original ID tag. I don't see that very often anymore. The Mustang is equipped with a C code 289 2 barrel engine. Automatic transmission. Power steering. Style steel wheels with brand-new radial tires that we installed. Power top. Console. Seat-belts. Aftermarket AM/FM cassette radio. Comes with a spare tire Mustang Jack and lug wrench. The Mustang is Wimbledon white. The paint is old and it looks very good from 10 feet away but on close inspection you can see the imperfections. This is a driver Mustang and I don't see any reason to repaint it at this time. I think the paint will last a long time and you will not have to worry about door dings and things like that. I think you'll like the body fit. we installed new chrome bumpers front and rear. The interior code is 27 Aqua. You don't see that very often and to me it looks turquoise. The dash pad has a crack. The seats are good. The carpets are good. The white top is in good condition, it's old but should last quite some time. The boot top is old. The engine compartment is clean, nothing exciting. The trunk is clean and no signs of rust. I was very impressed with the underside. Now it's not show quality or anything like that, I don't think it's ever been cleaned its whole life. But very solid floor pans that look great and it still has the original brown primer. Joe at Old School Garage did the service and safety check. Joe installed new wheel cylinders and brake shoes. I have driven this Mustang over 100 miles now and I'm impressed how smooth and quiet it runs and drives. You don't hear any squeaks rattles or bangs. I would drive this Mustang anywhere. Condition #3.

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Drager's believes that it is very important to personally inspect the vehicle you are interested in. If you cannot inspect it yourself you should hire an inspector. Here are two very knowledgeable old car appraisers you can contact.

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We use Concours Transport Fred has done a great job for us over the years. Fred will do a great job for you. Check out his web page.

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The State of Washington says we can charge a negotiable documentary service fee of up to $150.00. This documentary service fee cover costs such as trip permits and FedEx costs.  We charge a $50.00 documentary service fee for instate and $100.00 documentary service fee for out of state sales on top of the selling price.

We sell all of our vehicles AS IS, NO WARRANTY. We check them over, we do a report card and we grade and decode each vehicle. We have them serviced and safety checked. We try very hard to tell you everything that we know. We give you lots of photos and video so you can see the vehicles very well. We have been in classic sales for more than 30 years.

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