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132351/1965 Ford Mustang Wagon

The mythical Mustang wagon—it has persisted since the earliest days of the Mustang, and even Ford had proposals on the drawing board. However, it appears that the first Mustang wagons were not built by Ford at all, but rather by Intermeccanica at the behest of the WJ Thompson advertising agency. Constructed in 1965, the car may or may not still exist, but photos and magazine articles from the period are still around, and have inspired a few talented craftsmen to try their hands at creating their own Mustang wagons. This particular 1965 Mustang wagon was built by Joe Ramp and uses as many factory components as possible to create one of the most unique and eye-catching Mustangs you'll ever see. Using 100% steel to create the wagon body meant finding a clean original coupe to use as a foundation. The original roof was retained and lengthened to meet the fabricated D-pillars out back. Side windows were fabricated, while the rear window is the original Mustang coupe piece, which fits so nicely it's surprising that the factory never decided to go forward with the project. The integration into the original quarter panels is seamless, and the factory deck lid was extensively modified to finish the rear of the car with an OEM look. Brilliant red paint covers the beautiful wagon's shape, and shows off the unique metalwork and expert fabrication in fine fashion. Gold Shelby-style stripes were added, as well as a hood with an integrated scoop, making this an interesting study in ...

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