Ford Festiva III Mazda Demio DW, generation #3

Models Ford Festiva 3 III Mazda Demio DW

Ford Festiva III Mazda Demio DW 3

Year of production 1996 - 2002

Model: Festiva (1986 - 2002)

Wikipedia (Festiva):

Sales of the second generation Festiva ended in 1996 for the Japanese market, being replaced by generation three—a badge engineeredMazda Demio (DW). Known as the "Ford Festiva Mini Wagon", the Japanese-only model range consisted of a single five-door hatchback body style available with either a 1.3 or 1.5 liter engine. Transmission options were a three-speed or four-speed automatic and a five-speed manual. Production continued until Mazda ceased manufacture of the equivalent Demio in 2002.

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Photo gallery Ford Festiva III Mazda Demio DW

1996 Ford Festiva III Mazda Demio DW
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