Ford 5000

Ford 5000

Year of production 1964 - 1979


Category: Tractors

The Ford 5000' was a blue and white tractor in production from 1964 to 1979 by the Ford Motor Company. It was a mid-range tractor, suitable for European farms. The North American version was slightly different and was named the Ford Major. A similar model, the Ford 3000 was produced in the spring of 1965.

Great Britain

The tractor sold exceptionally well in Great Britain. The tractor replaced the long-running Fordson Major which was a worldwide hit. It sold especially well because it slotted into the mid-sized range, which catered for almost every British farmer. It sold so well it was in the top ten best-selling list of tractors sold in Great Britain until 2005.

The Ford 5000 was used by E. Doe to build the uprated version of the Doe Triple D in 1964. The Doe tractor was 2 Tractors fixed together at a central pivot, with the front axles removed to form an articulated tractor with twice the power and 4-wd. This new version was called the Doe 130, as it was rated at 130 hp from the 2 F5000 units. Following its launch at the Smithfield show in December 1964, they sold 73 units in 1965.


In Ireland, Ford tractors, lorries and cars sold very very well because at the time, Ford had a factory in Cork. Selling the Fordson Major and Ford 4000 was of no problem and selling the Ford 5000 was even easier. Like Great Britain, it was launched in the mid-sized range, which, like Great Britain,was the main market for Irish farmers. It sold very well and is the third best-selling tractor in the history of Ireland. According to a 2004 tractor survey, there were more than 200 Ford 5000s being in everyday use in every province.


After its launch in 1964 the Ford 5000 and the other models in the range stayed in production until 1968 when they were upgraded into the Ford Force series. Some modifications were done to the engine and other components which resulted in more horsepower for the Ford 5000, rated at 75 HP. Also some modifications to the sheet metal were done to give it a more modern appearance. In 1971 a few minor changes were done to the engine and a factory fitted safety cab could be ordered from that moment on. In 1975, Ford retired the Ford 5000 and all of its range with it, after eleven years production. It was one of the Company's best selling tractors.

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