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No air flow and no air conditioner worki

Forum Escort No air flow and no air conditioner worki

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2009-02-18 21:06:07

I had a problem today. I felt some smell of burning in the car.

I checked the fuse box and it seems that the ventilator fuse was blown. I replaced it and now its not working the air flow and the air conditioner at all.

Does the ventilator fuse has to do with this??

2009-05-03 00:49:53

single burnt fuse would not smell like this. blown fuse does not smell itself. i would check for wires, contacts and vent motor first. bring 12V to motor directly to diagnose and isolate the cause. the A/C ain't working b/c it does need fan to work.

2009-05-03 11:43:50

I solved the problem by removing all the fuses, and suddenly it work normally by itself:))). Strange to say that but it happended. I spoke with a technican and he said that Escort suffers from the fuse box and has to be changed all!.

Thank you anyway

2009-12-07 13:12:31

When mentioning the fuse box, it happened on one of my previous Escorts, ther e was bad soldering inside. Taken into parts, and then resoldered and put back together, no problems anymore.