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Is there a Ford Club in France?

Forum Club matters Is there a Ford Club in France?

2010-08-03 16:52:44

If so, please send me the email address at

I want to import my 2004 Ford Thunderbird there

2012-08-25 19:37:28

Ok. I brought my beautiful 2002 Thunderbird here to Italy. It is chassis number 1FAHP60A12Y125383. The tires are Michelin Pilot HX MXM4 Radial XSE 235/50R 17 95V M&S but I have not found those Michelin tires here in Italy. Are they available here? If they are available, where can I find them? If they are not available here, what would be the correct replacement for them? Which of these tires best matches … or is better than … the Pilot HX MXM4 I have now: Pilot Super Sport, Energy Saver+, Energy Saver, Primacy 3, Primacy HP, Pilot Exalto, Pilot Sport 3, Pilot Sport, Pilot Sport Cup, Alpin or Pilot Alpin?

Please email mne oyur answer at

2013-03-17 05:39:29

citronr: Hi, I'm sorry I don't know answer to your tires question .. just want to say that wow, your Thunderbird is really very nice car

2013-03-17 18:09:36

udm: Yes, it is a great car ... REALLY GREAT ... as much fun to drive and own as it is to look it but, alas, I must sell it. Matriculatung it in Italy ... where the Thunderbird and I am most of the time ... is just too expensive. Matriculating in France is possible they tell me but extremely difficult .. especially if you not speak French like me. It has already passed the customs phase. There is no customs duty to pay in the EU for this car but that was the easy part. So I am looking for a buyer who is willing to go through the time and expense of dealing with all this bureaucracy. What a shame! I wish there was a way I could find someone to do this for me. I would happily pay .. but I have to do it myself and I just don't have the interest or patience to submit myself to the process.

2013-03-17 18:28:29

citronr: that's really a pity. I hate such bureaucracy. I guess if you find somebody who will be willing to process all those steps and you will grant him a power of attorney and pay him, then I think e can do all the stuff. But it's a question how to find such people. Anyway wish you good luck with it

2013-03-18 13:27:07

Thanks. Yes, finding that person is proving difficult but I have not given up. I am pursuing both paths ... selling it or registering it ... but my first choice is it keep it. I know this will be one of those cars you cannot ever truly replace. I've been collecting interesting cars since I was a kid in Detroit many years ago. I guess it's in my DNA. I can tell you this, there have been only a handful or less, of the cars among the 70+ I've owned to date that I was never able to fully replace ... and I'm sure that this particular Thunderbird will be one of them if I have to sell it.

2013-03-19 06:48:02

citronr: I see in your profile that you own also Citroen DS, wow, that's nice car. Which cars you owned was your favourite ? How about ie. Renault 20 or Renault 30 when we speak about french cars ? And which cars was those which you mentioned as a cannot ever truly replace ?