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How to register: click on "Login/Reg." on the home page in the left menu. Then click on the blue sign "Register>>>" in the upper half of the page Login/Reg.. Fill in a form. If you mark off little squares on the left from an indication filled they won't be visible for others. After confirming by "OK" your user name will be registered and you will get on a registration page. Fill in your user name and password and you get on a page "Your profile". You can upload your picture, change settings (change or add details) here.
You have an envelope icon ">>>   Your internal mail" here. After confirmative click you get into your internal mail administration (expalined here). You can see yours: "Login to the system count", "Messages in the Msg.Board count", "Messages in the On-Line CHAT count"and "Registered date". On this page you can register your car.
Click on ">>>  Add your car to the Our Cars section", fill in a form and confirm by "OK". You find yourself on a page "Your car's details maintenance". Here you can upload pictures of your car by click on ">>>   Upload a new image of the car" You can add title or commentary. This process can be repeated for other pictures. You can choose any picture to be displayed as an icon shown on your car card, other pictures will be dispalyed in a "car detail" part.
Anytime during your login time there is a white strip displayed above the main menu with your nick (user name), logout icon and Internal mail icon . If "Internal mail" icon blinks you have unread message in your mailbox. If you click on your nick you get on the page "Your profile".


In the top left corner it is possible to set up a language version of the club (meanwhile Czech or English), then there is "little house" icon for a possibility to set the club pages as a home pages and "little star" icon for adding the club pages among your favourite pages. Under these icons is the main menu for switching to other club pages. If you are logined you can see also one white line with your nick name, "envelope" sign and "logout" sign . The envelope is a sign for your internal mail administration. If you click on it you get on the page with an administration of your internal mail (expalined here). If this icon blinks in red , you have unread message. If you click on your nick name, you get on the page "Your profile". "Logout" sign will log you out.
You can see the "newest pictures" of the club pages below the main menu. If you click on it you get on the page where this picture figures (advertisement, car profile or session message).
Below the picture of a car is toplist window where you can see a number of web vists etc.
Right at the bottom of the main page on the left is "Error on the web?" link. . If you found any kind of mistake anywhere on the club pages you can inform webmaster directly through this link.
In the middle of the home page is a window, where the latest notes of the on-line chat are visible. Just above the window is "CHAT On-Line >>>" link which gets you directly to the chat. Only logined members can chat, others are allowed to watch. If somebody is present on the on-line chat the chatting 'smile'icon and names of chatting people appear in the middle below the title of the club. (This is displayed on all pages of the club).
Below the "chat window" the latest added club article preview is displayed and by clickinkg on this preview it is possible to get on a full version of the article and read it.
On the right there is a big window where you can see current number of the club members, registered cars, number of advertisements, pictures in gallery and session messages. Below this part you can see last three registered members, last three registered cars and last three advertisements. Further down there are last three sesion messages and then there are events, surveys and further below you can RSS news. After clicking on any of these items you get directly to the related section.
If any of club members is online small "On-Line" window appears at the top right corner of the page. In this window you can see a name of on-line member, a page which he browses currently and time spent on this page. This window appears on all club pages. Tip: Click on a name at the "On-Line", window and you get on online member's profile - from this page you can send him internal mail etc.


Home: Home pages...see "What can I see on the home page".

Models: In this section you can see the list of all models. After you click on particular model you will see its detailed information, pics, engines etc.(In case they were added by pages' creators).

Gallery: Includes pictures of cars which is possible to filter by year and even by model.

Classifieds: It is possible to insert and browse advertisements in categories "Cars","Parts" and "Others" - "for sale" or "to buy". In advertisements you can search by words and filter (country, state, email, adverts only with picture).

Our cars: Includes list of car profiles of all members. There are firstly car profiles with picture and then without picture in chronological sequence. To filter by country, model, vintage or profiles with picture only is possible in the "profiles".

Cars Journal: On this page are all events of all club members' cars in chronological sequence. You can filter here, search and classify by criterias in columns. Eg. You would like to rebuild your car to LPG. You give an order "rebuilding on LPG" and you can see where and how was this problem solved by other club members, how much did it cost etc. If you would like to know more you can use internal mail and ask particular members for their experience. If the service of "Car Journal" is to be useful, it would be good each member to note down detailed description of utmost events about his registered car.

Members: In this section you find a list of club members in chronological sequence by the date of registration. It is possible to search out (to filter) members by country, state, town or name (doesn't matter whether user or personal name).

Articles: Previews of all club articles in chronological sequence. It is visible who is an author, a date of writing, number od reading and discussion notes with this article. You can start off your own discussion related to the article after its reading.

Discusion: Session is destined for public communication and information exchange. Discussion has several topical sections. You can start off your own discussion branch in them or you can contribute to some existing one.

Chat online: : It serves to online communication among club members. Unlogined/unregistered member can enter the chat only as a guest, he can't write. Little icons (speaker, refresh, leave, full screen) in the upper bar are destined for having control over the chat. "Speaker" icon is for switch-off or switch-on the audio notice for new incomming message. "Refresh" button provides possibility to set up the refresh time automatically. Currently on-line people on the chat are visible on each club page right on the top below the name of the club . On the chat page on the right bar "On-line users" is also visible who is on-line and time of his last written message or login. Tip: Click on some user's name and you get on his member's profile - from this page you can send him internal mail etc.

Log in/reg: This section is destined for registration of new members or for login already existing members. It is possible to mark off permenent registraton here and after that you will be premanently logined untill you logout (this concernes just with the computer you currently work on). This choice should be marked off only on your own safe computer.

My profile: On the"My profile" page you get automatically after login to the club. Here you can find "Details about you", where you can unload your picture or choose some icon from the list, change settings of your profile ( adress, email, activate or deactivate email noticing on a new internal message or new message in discussion, where you contributed). You have access to your internal mail administration. You can see data about number of your logins to the club, number of your written messages at the session and on the chat, date of your club registration and your role in the club. You can print out your club card here. You can also find the ">>>   How I look for others", icon where you can see how is your profile visible for others. "Your vehicles" here you can administer your already registered cars ">>>   Your car's details administration" or enregister new ones ">>>  Add your car to the Our Cars section". You can also look how is your car visible for others ">>> How your car looks for others" icon. "Your adverts" - here you can administer your inserted adverts or insert new ones ">>> Insert new advert. Right at the bottom of this page is logout symbol .

Events: Here can be found a list of future and past meetings and events including place and description, coordinator etc. It is possible to search out by country and state.

Engines: In this section there should be a list of all engines with manufacturer's code and capacity parametres.

TOP 10: This section shows the most active club members, eg. by number of logins, written session mesages, chat notes and written internal messages. Another information you can find here are the most visited club subjects: detailes of cars, members or events.

Surveys: Here you can take a part or look-in surveys and voting, if there is any on at the moment.

Contact Us: This section includes contact data about events, coordinators, authors of articles, galleries or webmasters.


After registration/login ("How to register") you find yourself on "My profile" page where you are supposed to click on ">>>   Add your car to the Our Cars section" link then fill in details about your car and confirm by "OK". You get on "Your car's details maintenance". You can unload pictures in your car profile ">>>   Upload a new image of the car". While unloading a picture is automatically transfered to be shown as an icon at your car profile lately. You can of course set any of your uploaded pictures to figure as the icon.
From the " Your car's details maintenance" page it is possible to edit car details or to get off all the car profile. At the bottom of the " Your car's details maintenance" page is Car events journal section where you can note down single events as repairs, tunning, rebuilds on LPG etc.">>> New car event", mark notes or private notes (which are visible only for you) to them including price etc.


In "Classifieds" section click on ">>>   Insert new advert ". Choose category and fill in data about car/parts for sale. Choose a password for deactivation of an advert in case it won't be wantable any more. Tip: If you login into section as a registered member some of your data will be already filled in (eg. name, phone number, email) due to what you have filled in during registration.


IInternal mail serves to personal communication among club members. Into the internal mail administration you get from member's home page ("Your profile"section) or by clicking on the envelope icon in the upper bar of the main menu (on the home page) on the left right next to your nick name. On the internal mail page you can read and send messages, control whether your sent message was read and answered and you can also look at messages you sent. Tip: If the envelope icon on the top in the main menu blinks in red you have unread message.


Pictures uploaded to various club sections have differently limited maximum size, eg. into "Classifieds" it is 250kB. Maximum size of a picture is usually shown while uploading. Control whether you don't try to upload bigger picture then allowed in a particular section. It is possible to upload pictures only in JPEG, GIF and PNG format on the club.

If you after all are at wits' end contact webmasters.

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